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Discover FIVE STARS Italy furniture and pergolas Garden

FIVE STARS Italy born in 1977 in St. Lucia di Piave, in the province of Treviso, certainly represents an important guarantee in the sector of outdoor furniture. The experience due to several ten-years period of activity has enabled FIVE STARS Italy to take part of a small group of firms with the highest qualifications to assure products which are always due to the different market requirements.From the very beginning,one of the most important aims of the firm has been the production philosophy infused with the quality and the simplicity and the care of the design. Both , planning and production of equipment and furniture requires a continuous research and experiment of solutions which are not only beautyful ,but also able to meet the real requirements of the clients in a simple and actual way.The products are realized with an advanced technology, a perfect production process and a sought after working process; every single part is chosen with high standard with good application of the ergonomic law.A large range of modulated solutions , the care of details, the perfect finishing, the different functions and the actual client requirements (security,practicality) are all elements of basic importance for FIVE STARS Italy to realize a high quality product with a good competition ability. Actually , FIVE STARS Italy is a producer of high-meddling quality on national and international level.

The authentic product is a strong witness of the style MADE IN ITALY

Ufficio commerciale FIVE STARS Italy
Produzione arredo giardino e pergolati
Produzione pensiline,pergolati.arredo giardino
Magazzino FIVE STARS Italy Arredo giardino
Magazzino 2 arredo giardino e pergolati
Magazzino arredo giardino e pergolati

All our articles are projected and  realized with new systems in order to guarantee excellent quality / price.
• please have a look on the single small details and on the materials used for the products.
• Studies and projecting of products.
• practical good functioning system.
Since its foundation one of the main aims from FIVE STARS Italy has been the production philosophy which inspired itself by quality,  symplicity and care. The projecting and the production of our furniture means also continuous research and test of different solutions which are not only beautyful, but may also cover in a concrete way the real requirements of the client.  
New tecnological systems and treatments of our products with carefully drawn up details are pecularities of our collection.  
Using the best raw materials we obtain the high quality level of our products. The large range of our modular products,  the care of the details and the finishing, the high material level and the research for functioning solutions aimed to cover the clients' requirements are  basis for the realization of a product with excellent quality and high market competition. All this may be obtained during projecting with careful studies looking for always new intelligent solutions used to cover the real clients' requirements.  

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