1977 | Outdoor Furniture
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Discover FIVE STARS Italy furniture and pergolas Garden

Since 1977

A distinctive company which has been able to stand out from 40 years thanks to its techonological knowledge and artisan culture.
The firm operates in quality, respecting the environment and, with IN-OUT, furnishes your home and contract.
Our enterprise is composed by 3 BRANDS, each one divided for  type of product, commercialized in different sales channels throungh agents, distributors and dealers.


1977 | Outdoor furniture

FIVESTARSITALYFurniture and outdoor pergolas
Canali di vendita:

Architetti & Designer
Furniture Showroom
Furniture Contract
Outdoor furniture Showroom
Sunblinds Showroom

Innnovative Gate

FIVESTARSITALY Furniture and outdoor pergolas
Sales channels:

Architects & Designers
Building Showroom
Frames Showroom
Automations Showroom

Manufacturing and complements

FIVESTARSITALY Furniture and outdoor pergolas
Sales channels:

Architects & Designers


If we consider the near past history, of the last quarter of century, sticks out the extraordinary transformation that have changed the way of life, production and thinking, in Italy as in the whole word. Our company has grown into this rapid and continuous changing environment, gradually developing, revealing the ability to predict changes and to achieve the prefixed goals. Founded in 1977, CENEDESE company is now an important example in the context of the Venetian entrepeneurship for home and office furniture workings.

It is in fact the story of a company that, starting from a dimension and antisan mentality, from the second half of the Eighties, through its carefulness for the adopted choises, has been able to transform itself, growing untill become an industrial reference point into the FIVESTARSITALY outdoor furniture market, making it a true center of design and consultancy for outdoor and home furniture. Among the aims that we can consider achieved, the first place is for the optimization of the industrial furniture production, which allows us to achieve the most balanced quality-price ratio.


Immediately after comes the high standard service creation, as efficiency and speed of service are among the most appreciated requirements of the customers. We can however say that our company has consolidated a recognizable image, able to communicate to the great public the valours contained in its proposals. The meaning of a global presence on the market, also in consideration of the concrete advantages that an all-round proposal would have given to commercial partners, has pushed our company to expand its offer.
From the outdoor furniture to the workings and complements, a new brand has been added to create the ONLY compact automatic gate in the patented market: COMPACT GATE®.

The company represents in fact an important case of security and it's a positive model of business growth that develops around its own artisans, technical and moral strenghts, untill becoming a consolidated reality.
Some of the italian custom studious argue that Veneto region, in particular Treviso province, represents in this century the heart of small and medium-sized italian companies, the real and lasting bones of an entrepreneurial reality that still have no equal in other parts of Italy; in this area the story of business intersects with the one of many families, founders and inspirers of many 'entrepreneurial paths' that are an example for the rest of Italy.


Outdoor furniture, outdoor kitchens, pergolas and garden complements Made in Italy

We produce and ship our products all over the world made entirely in Italy at our headquarters.
Selective production standards and important export capabilities, our company has served more than 900 stores worldwide.
Care in detail, processes with artisanal, industrialized finishes, make FIVE STARS ITALY a leading company in the field of high quality outdoor furniture.



Outdoor since 1977

FIVESTARSITALY Outdoor furniture and pergolas


Our production

Alive witness of MADE IN ITALY

FIVESTARSITALY Outdoor furniture and pergolas


A space dedicated to architects and individuals
FIVESTARSITALY Outdoor furniture and pergolas
FIVE STARS ITALY Via Mareno 51 31025 Santa Lucia di Piave Treviso ITALY
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