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Choose your screen and windbraker for rooms and bars. Over 5,000 rooms furnished in 15 years

The outdoor windbraker screens, made of aluminum, are ideal for people who must separate or circumscribe even provisional areas of restaurants, bars and hotels.
Composed by modules that can be connected to each other, our windbreakers are ready and complete with glass (naturally with safety glass with SAFETY GLASS TEMPERED certificate).
For fixing to the ground you can have simple feet with special holes (for fischer) or long feet for those who do not have the ability to lock the floor. Each windbreak panel is designed to hook a "planter door" to make your room more welcoming and create a weight that does not need to be fixed to the ground.
Our outdoor screens are available in different types and finishes, offering the right solution to furnish your outdoor space. Making your outdoor dehor with our screens is extremely simple and allows anyone to have a modern design and quality screen.
Outdoor windbreaker screens for locals and bars


Model VELA

Outdoor windbreaker for locals

With the VELA windbreaker screen models you can repair your room and bar from the wind.
Outdoor windbreaker screens for locals and bars



Screen panels for locals and bars

A modern and minimal design to fix your room are the SQUARE screen models.
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