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FIVE STARS Italy outdoor kitchens, kitchens garden

outdoor kitchens for gardens


Garden kitchen CUBE 400

The small and handy version CUBE 400 is the basis of the outdoor kitchens line available with 40 cm gas or electric cooktops.
outdoor kitchens for gardens


Garden kitchen CUBE 800

Ideal to have more cooking solutions and start cooking outdoors the outdoor kitchen CUBE 800 has 40 cm interchangeable cooktops.
outdoor kitchens for hotels


Garden kitchen CUBE 1200

The version of the CUBE 1200 outdoor kitchen offers the possibility to insert sink and choose between 40 cm or 60 cm cooking tops widening your way of cooking.
garden kitchens for terraces


Cucina da giardino CUBE 1600

Una vera e propria cucina da esterno con la possibilità di scegliere piani cttura diversi in tutte le versioni sia a gas che elettrico.
professional outdoor kitchens


Garden kitchen CUBE 2000

Creating a professional outdoor kitchen with quality cooking tops and innovative and resistant materials was the goal that FIVE STARS Italy set itself in the production of the CUBE 2000 line.
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