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Outdoor kitchens in aluminum and stainless steel for your garden

FIVESTARSITALY produces professional high quality outdoor kitchens. Materials used like stainless steel for hobs and aluminum for the structure offer the customer a guarantee of durability outside. The wide range of versions of our garden kitchens offer the most suitable solution for outdoor cooking. The professionalism and quality of the cooking hobs make these outdoor kitchens ideal for gardens and private homes that need a nice kitchen and design, but at the same time with yields and a cooking system perfect for cooking any dish; as for premises, restaurants, hotels that already have experience in cooking hobs and cooking equipment look for a versatile solution but at the same time with high productivity for many places. Also used in the catering sector, all our outdoor kitchens, having wheels for moving, give the possibility to cook outdoors and in the garden for weddings and events.
Outdoor professional kitchens


Professional outdoor kitchens

Cooking like a great chef and preparing dishes with plates, grills and induction tops with the new CUBE outdoor kitchens designed by FIVE STARS ITALY is now possible.
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